Every country of the world is recognized by their flag. It is the one symbolic representation of the country that is valid all across the world. The flags of every country are designed with some sort of backstory or inspiration. Russia is the world’s largest state and is well-known for its major role in the USSR. The Russians, like all other countries, are deeply associated with their flag. It is stated that the Russian flag first started being used in 1668. However, of course, the flag has gone through many changes and alteration. The current Russian flag has three colored stripes which hare white, blue, and red. This variant has been used since 1994. This tricolor flag actually made a comeback after the constitution of 1993 which is why Flag Day was then declared a national holiday. The Russian Flag Day is celebrated on August 22 every year.
Color story
The Russian flag has three equal sized stripes. These are placed horizontally, with equal heights and widths. The colors start from white, followed by blue, and lastly, there is red. A myth states that these colors are a part of the flag because they were used by the anti-Stalinist troops in the World War II. These troops were led by Andrey Vlasov who fought against the Soviet Union. Therefore, these three colors were then used to represent freedom from the Soviet Union after it was dissolved. There are different opinions on as of what these colors represent. Some believe that white is a representation of liberty, blue is for the Virgin Mary, and red represents grandeur. Others say that white specifies nobility or honesty. Blue is considered to be a representation of chastity, faithfulness, and impeccability. Red is considered the color of love, generosity, and courage. Some people also have the opinion that the white color in the flag depicts frankness. Officially, there is no information on what significance these colors have. The opinions are all from ordinary citizens who have come to an overall consensus regarding what these colors mean to them.
Russian Flag
Origin of the flag
The current flag of Russia wasn’t designed when it was declared the national flag. In fact, it was actually first being used by merchants in 1705. The tricolor flag only got authorized for land use in 1883. It gained the status of the national flag in 1896. Everything was fine in terms of the national Russian flag until 1917 when the Soviet Union was formed. At this time, a new flag was introduced. This new flag was bright red in color. It displayed a field with a sickle, a hammer, and a red star. However, it didn’t last very long. This super red flag went away as the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. The current tricolor flag didn’t make its comeback immediately. Another flag served as the national flag. This is known for its 1:2 proportions. However, the tricolor flag was reinstated as the national flag as a representation of the implementation of the constitution in Russia.

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