Traveling to Russia is a whole new level of experience. It is a different country with a different culture. Each part of this massive country has something different. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared with all the necessary information when traveling to Russia. Having understood the value of such service, we offer FREE TRAVEL ADVICE for those who intend to visit Russia regardless of the reason.

Our free advice is available via telephone, Video call (Skype), or email; you can reach us via the method you prefer and request for precious travel advice. Before you enter Russia, it is better to have a good idea about the things you should do, things you should avoid, places to visit, where to go, where to stay, where to shop, how to find accommodation, how to eat etc. With the help of our free, but valuable advice you can get a very good idea about the Russia even before you land there.

24/7 Paid service

Over the past period, those who travel to Russia have sent us a large number of requests to start a paid advisory service. As a response to this massive demand, we have launched a 24/7 paid advisory service in addition to the free travel advice. The intention of our paid service is to provide crucial assistance when you are in Russia. Anyone who visits Russia can enjoy this service just for a £50.

What do you get for £50?

When you are in Russia, you will need the assistance of a reliable companion to verify information, translate some valuable information and sort out various problems you might come across. For a nominal rate of £50, we offer a comprehensive assistance 24/7; an expertise agent will be available for each client.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information you need.