Tourism and study of local lore in their modern understanding are about a physical development, improvement, and knowledge of surrounding reality, forming valuable spiritual qualities of the personality. The theory of physical training considers tourism as one of the funds of the bringing-up impact for younger generation along with physical culture and sport.

Usually, a small part of children at school, irrespective of approach to tourism of administration and teachers, as shows statistics, keep interest in tourism, and the school can’t disregard this interest.

It isn’t necessary to be afraid of school tourism. A tourist campaign is a drastic remedy to humanize pedagogics, to make class turn away from traditional work with a class, to pass a traditional way of authoritative pedagogics to a cooperation.

School tourism: its essence and features

School tourism is understood as temporary departures of school students in the group, with parents or the nearest relatives, individually in groups of adult tourists or their temporary residence in families of foreigners. Departures will be organized from the place of a permanent residence for improving, informative, sports or other purposes.

The number of school students allocated with the natural thirst for knowledge increased in relation to adults. Physical activity, the aspiration to increase the amount of knowledge and to broaden the horizons not only through training behind a school desk, all of it always shows interest in the most various travel. Often their interests match the interests of parents and then there is a family tourism – the best active recreation.

As tourism gives an opportunity to organize school trips to Russia for students combining rest with improvement and knowledge, the society shall be interested in school tourism. Being far from the house and parent guardianship, the school student feels and understands the value of collective, learns to make decisions and to bear responsibility for them, feels the influence of positive moral qualities of surrounding people, estimates these people and compares himself to them. It means that tourism is a reliable and effective form of educational process.

Educational function of school trips ro Russia students is that during the travel the common knowledge of geography, history, social science, sociology, political science is fixed, new knowledge is acquired. The school student during the travel gets acquainted with the culture and customs of the different people, studies the native land, fills up knowledge in the field of study of local lore. For example, if the Russia school trips are provided.

The most important function of tourism, according to many scientists, is improving function. Change of a habitual situation – environmental factors on the teenager’s organism, the increased physical activity, development of opportunities of adaptation in difficult conditions of climate change, application of active methods of movement, the most various physical actions, observance of personal hygiene in the conditions of self-checking promote strengthening of health of the child, increase in functionality of its organism.

In general, the school student solves problems of physical training during the tourist trips, observing balance of the increase in the level of development of motive qualities, abilities, skills, intellectual, aesthetic and moral development.

With respect thereto, it is possible to claim that the possibilities of the influence of school trips to Russia on students are very big. At the same time, the modern school student very much needs such influence. The official statistics notes that pupils of high comprehensive schools, especially pupils of the high school, are subject to numerous chronic diseases. At separate schools, the number of unhealthy children reaches 90%. Explanations for this fact vary: the low level of income of the population, uncomfortable family life, parent alcoholism and drug addiction, excessive interest in computer, viewing of telecasts, the slow-moving conduct of life, the low culture of carrying out free time, lack of regular training by physical culture and many other things.

In modern conditions, there is, unfortunately, the very essential obstacle for implementation of large-scale school tourism. However, this obstacle isn’t insuperable. Numerous examples of an investment in Russia school trips of sponsor’s take place and the state grants, fundraising of several families for providing a trip of one school student, etc. Besides, parents aim to show the world to the child.

All these features assign additional difficulties to organizers of school tourism – they shall know very precisely requests of this segment of the market and offer only what is especially interesting to school students and, as a result, will be demanded by them. For example, school trips to Russia can be very popular.

As the school student didn’t leave the parent guardianship yet, the opinion of his parents and the nearest relatives concerning possible travel becomes decisive. It means organizers of trips shall study these interests which, in total with nurseries, shall give an idea of the optimum organization of tourism of school students.


In such circumstances, it is especially important to study features of school tourism and to make specific recommendations about the organization of children’s travel.

At school the most acceptable are educational and training campaigns which can have the different purposes:

●       improving

●       educational

●       sports

●       informative and other purposes.


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