Russia is a great country with a wonderful history. Many students across the globe today learn Russian history as a subject. With the many years of experience we possess, we must say that the best way to learn about this Russia is to visit it!

As a response to the growing demand, we organize specially designed school trips for those who wish to study about Russia. These trips are scheduled to last 5-7 days; during these trips, students can explore the legendary Russian cities like St. Petersburg and Moscow.

We have taken all the measures to assure the safety of the students during these trips. We have partnered with one of the most reliable and professional travel agencies in Russia (they are a key factor behind our success). Our partner travel agency is officially authorized to work with foreign people (including kids) and they are recognized by the British Consulate in Russia.

As a part of our comprehensive service, we are capable of providing all the necessary documentation (including the confirmation letter from British Embassy in Russia). Under our guidance, students get a chance to visit celebrated venues such as museums art galleries and many other places. Under our professional guidance and assistance, such trip will be the ‘trip of your life’. In addition to the precious knowledge about Russian history, we assure a whole lot of excitement and joy with each school trip we organize.

As a precaution, we kindly request you to plan your trip 6 months in advance at the least to avoid potential conflicts. All the services we offer are fully customizable to match the needs of each group of students. We are ready to assist you with any information related to school trip; don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service for any inquiry you have.