Computer technologies became a part of our everyday life for a long time. The learning of foreign languages isn’t an exception! Often today traditional individual and group lessons with tutors of foreign languages are replaced with online classes in Skype.

Learning Russian through Skype is convenient and simple. However, as any innovation, a learning of foreign languages on Skype still raises the mass of questions and doubts. Whether this technique is effective? How do lessons are conducted? How is such training paid?

We will tell you more about using Skype to learn Russian so that you could decide whether it will suit you. Particularly we are going to talk about learning Russian through Skype.

How are the lessons conducted?

Learning Russian in Skype is made via call – an analog of traditional lessons, with only one difference – instead of personal meetings with the teacher you will communicate with him via Skype.

Begin with a search of the suitable teacher giving online lessons. It is possible to find such a teacher on the specialized websites. You can find the teacher foreigner and the native speaker. Or you can learn Russian from Skype tutor. For effective search choose the language that you need, the experience of the tutor and cost of lessons.

As soon as you make the choice, you will need to contact the tutor, to discuss the preferences, to agree about a schedule of lessons and other details. At the same time, the tutor will also send you the required training materials in an electronic format.

Lessons take place by means of audio or video conference in Skype, usually, each of them proceeds at least 1 class period.

As well as traditional lessons, using Skype to learn Russian cover various aspects of a foreign language, including grammar, expansion of a lexicon, reading, audition and many other things. Often they are oriented, first of all, to colloquial language practice, especially so far as concerns lessons with the native speaker.

Payment of such lessons happens in the format about which you agree previously with the teacher. Most often payment is made by means of bank transfer or international payment systems, such as PayPal.

Pros and cons of classes in Skype

As well as any technique of a learning of foreign languages, at online Skype Russian lessons, there are benefits and shortcomings about which it is necessary to foreknow.


You receive the broadest choice of teachers which isn’t limited to the specialists living in your city

You will be able to study a foreign language with  the carrier of this language

It is possible to study the Russian language in Skype in any place convenient to you, from the house or office

You shouldn’t go somewhere on lessons, you will save a lot of time and you will be able to be engaged in flexible hours

Skype teacher will send you all training materials in an electronic format, and you shouldn’t spend on textbooks and benefits

Classes in Skype, in most cases, cost cheaper, than traditional lessons


You will be deprived of personal contact with the teacher

Unfortunately, not all tutors offering lessons in Skype to learn Russian are professional, therefore you should approach the choice of the teacher especially carefully

Usually for lessons in Skype video conference is used, even in case of such format of study, your appearance and a type of your workplace shall correspond

During the lessons, especially if you are engaged from the house, there shouldn’t be distracting factors (pets, children, husbands/wives, phone calls, etc.)

It is more difficult for many students to organize for Russian Skype lessons to learn than for regular lessons, therefore, you will need to learn self-discipline and time-management

Perhaps, you should adapt to payment systems, new to you, and international/long-distance money transfers

Be ready that you should spend more time in front of the computer screen

Malfunctions with an Internet connection can become a problem for lessons

Is it worth studying via Skype?

The growing popularity of learning of foreign languages via Skype says that this method suits very many people. You judge, you will be able to save money and time, to find the ideal tutor and to be engaged in the schedule convenient to you.

Remember that lessons in Skype don’t oblige you to anything, and many tutors even give the first lesson absolutely free of charge, therefore, you definitely should try this technique. Who knows, perhaps, maybe it will be pleasant to you as you want to learn on Skype not one, but several languages!


Recommendations on studying via Skype


Carefully select the teacher. It is very important as you shall be comfortable with him. If the teacher is too kind and compliant, then you risk is very little. If, on the contrary, the teacher is too strict and exacting, then he can just discourage to study.

It is also important that you comply with the teacher in nature, interests and vital values, in this case, you can get the true friend as it frequently happens.

Be not afraid to change teachers. Even if you picked up the good and convenient teacher be not afraid to continue to look for another one. It is normal practice, and especially it is effective if you have perfect communication skills (but not grammar, for example). Communication with different people will pledge you the new words, types of speech will teach to perceive the different speech. Therefore even if your teacher very much is pleasant to you, try to work at least 2-3 lessons with another – it will be useful.


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