The business and personal relations between English-speaking and Russian-speaking individuals and legal entities are growing. This is not a surprise at all because the world is becoming smaller thanks to technology. Today, many people are looking for a way to translate English into Russian fast. There are some people who believe that using tools like Google Translate is the most efficient tool they can find for this purpose.

Google Translate was introduced a few years ago and we can freely say that this tool has made a breakthrough in the field of translations. However, this is still an automated tool that provides an automatic translation that often doesn’t have any sense at all. The words and sentences that are translated sound unusual for native speakers. So, Google Translate is a tool that’s good for personal translations that can help you understand what’s going on, but if you want a real translation, you will have to use another method.

Our suggestion is to use one of the two methods we provide. First of all, you can start taking online classes. We are offering online tutors who are native speakers and know the Russian language inside and out. What’s even better is that they are qualified and trained for teaching others. These Russian language classes are conducted via Skype, but you can also visit our offices where you can take classes. Obviously, this is the option that requires some time. It’s not that the Russian language is very difficult, but you will need time before you learn it and start translating from English to Russian in a proper way.

Those of you looking for a faster option can check our translation services. This is obviously an option that is ideal for those who want a professional translation of any type of content from English to Russian. As a matter of fact, we are also providing Russian to English translation. It doesn’t really matter whether you want to translate a business letter or an entire book, you can always count on our professional translators. As we already said, the translation services provided by us are conducted by native speakers that were educated in Russian schools. The best part is that you can finish this procedure online too by contacting us via Skype or email. It usually takes a short period of time before you can get your translated content in your hands.

As you can see, you have two great options for translating things from English to Russian and vice versa. Google Translate is a useful tool, but only for amateur/personal translations. Native Russian speakers will always figure out that the translation was made with the help of this tool. In some cases, these translations look ridiculous and funny and obviously, if you want to look serious in the eyes of others, you can’t use translations like this. For a small fee, we can translate your documents. In addition, you can start learning Russian over the Internet right now if you want to.

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