Are you wondering how to learn Russian? If the answer is affirmative, you should know that there are a few different methods that people can use to achieve this goal. It seems that each of them comes with certain advantages and disadvantages, but there’s one way that has proven to be better than the others and we will save it for the end.


Russian is a language spoken by more than 160 million people around the globe. There are dozens of Russian TV stations and hundreds of movies and TV shows. So, learning Russian on your TV can be a very relaxing method of learning a new language. You can watch cartoons on TV channels or rent a DVD while you are sitting on the couch. You can also watch English movies with Russian subtitles. Of course, in order to learn in this way, you will have to become familiar with the Russian alphabet and the basics of the Russian language.


There are a few Russian language learning books too. Keep in mind that not all of them are the same and some of them are more effective compared to others. It would be perfect if you can find a book that actually speaks directly to you. Focus on the books that match your learning style. You’ll have to visit a bookstore and talk to sellers there to figure out which book is the right for you.

Learn lyrics and read blogs

You can use the Internet to find Russian (bilingual) blogs or song lyrics that can help you with the learning process too. This is a do-it-yourself approach that has helped many people. Obviously, you should focus on blogs and songs that are rich in text and easy to understand.

Hire an online tutor

As we have already mentioned, we will save the best option for the end. The fact is that learning Russian with the help of an online tutor is by far the most effective and most convenient way to learn this exceptional language and there’s more than one reason for that.

For starters, an online tutor can provide specialized and individualized teaching. They can help students regardless of their level of knowledge and learning style. With the right professionals, you can rest assured that you will get lessons tailored to your needs and capabilities. Even though hiring an online tutor requires money, it’s much cheaper to use online tutors than traditional face to face tutors that come to your home and you’ll get the same (or even better) lessons. Of course, you can try this on your own, but you will lose a lot of time and the results will be incomparable.

This form of tutoring for learning the Russian language allows you to record the lessons and watch them as many times as you want. So, even if you are not fully concentrated during the lesson you can catch up later when you are free.

We hope that this blog post will help you make the right choice when preparing to learn Russian.



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