What is the best way to learn Russian online?

Many people prefer to learn Russian online. People are incredibly busy these days and they are looking to acquire everything online. As a result of this, there are many online options to consider if you want to learn Russian online. Despite the availability of many methods, it is better to know the most effective way to learn Russian online. This article explains the best way you should follow to learn Russian online.

First and foremost, you should understand that Russian is not the easiest language for a person to learn without a human interference. The pronunciation of Russian words can be pretty difficult to learn with a completely automated system. So, if you are willing to learn Russian only with the assistance of an automated system, things will be pretty difficult for you. Although video lessons, audio lessons, online exercises, downloadable presentations etc. are pretty handy as learning aids, one cannot learn to speak Russian effectively just with those aspects; you need the assistance of a human teacher.

The most important thing when you learn a language like Russian is individual attention. Such approach ensures that you always pronounce accurately, understand the meanings of each word precisely and learn different expressions while speaking. But, the problem with most online Russian language training programs is that they don’t have such strategy; instead, they have automated lessons which are to be followed by the student alone. Since such methods are barely effective, you should look for a trainer that offers face to face conversations via a technology like Skype or other VoIP service. With such method, the student can lively take part in the lessons and get corrected immediately by the teacher. Also, such method facilitates the student to verify any doubts immediately.

Make sure your lessons are conducted by native Russians only. When you listen to a native Russian teacher during the lessons, you eventually get used to genuine pronunciation and the facial expressions. If not, the process will be pretty difficult for a student.

Your trainer should provide you interactive lessons, downloadable course material and enough exercises to support your learning process. These resources are mandatory for effective learning. In addition to the resources provided by the trainer/teacher, you should be smart enough to facilitate yourself with some Russian songs, Russian movies, Russian TV series etc. These resources will let you learn many words which you should verify with your teacher.

So, in a nutshell, the best way to learn Russian online is;

  • Find a trainer who offers lessons over a technology like Skype; it assures face to face interaction.
  • They must be native Russians; when dealing with native Russians, you will be able to catch up pronunciation pretty easily
  • You should find a teacher that offers lots of resources to learn (including assignments, videos, audios etc.)
  • Support your learning process with exciting things like Russian songs, Russian Movies etc.

Besides, you can find some Russian friends from social media platforms and try to communicate with them in Russian. It will be fun and effective!