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We are a team of native Russian speakers living in the UK for many years now. We have skills and knowledge in many different areas: teaching, tutoring, marketing and management and many other fields. Each member of our team has a high education which was finished in Russia or the United Kingdom and we all love to help others. Our main task is to help people to discover Russia. Obviously, you have realised that you cannot properly discover a country without knowing the language of that country. Luckily, learning Russian is not a very difficult thing, but only if you are using the help provided by friendly and professional people like us.  

There are many reasons to start learning the Russian language: self-education, study, business, relationship, travel and many other reasons that can help you in your life. According to some statistics, over 300 million people are speaking Russian today and many of them use it as their second language. Given the current trends, we can freely say that the number of people who are using the Russian language will increase in the future. So, why miss this opportunity to follow the latest trends? Instead of using apps and automated translation software, you can start learning Russian today with the help of experienced tutors.

We assist people with all matters related to Russia. If you want to learn Russian online (typically via Skype) or in our office, start doing business with Russia, prepare for Russian language exam, find language school, even find a partner we are here to assist you. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a small fortune to learn this beautiful (and useful) language.

In case you have any questions or dilemmas, feel free to contact us at any time.

Russian Language Teaching 86%
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Business Consulting 50%
Russian Exam Consulting 41%
Russian Ethics 34%
Russian Travel Advice 50%
Russian Language School 45%
Job in Russia 32%
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